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 [Scans DE 2007] Bravo n°22

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MessageSujet: [Scans DE 2007] Bravo n°22   Mer 23 Mai 2007 - 16:10

Farewell! Tokio hotel are very sad!

More then 200.000 people! 23 shows in 8 country’s! Six weeks on the road, 50 crew members, 3 nightliners and 6 trucks! The first European tour from Tokio Hotel can be called huge – and an absolute success! Especially at the last concert in Köln the roof went of the building… right after that Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav wanted to thank there team and they through a goodbye party. Bravo was exclusively there and spoke with the guys from Tokio Hotel about the highlights of the tour, party plans, what’s coming in the next few weeks and when the boys will have time of again….
Bravo: The tour is over now – how do you guys feel?
Bill: It’s really sad! Not long ago we rehearsed for the tour, planned everything and stepped into our tourbus for the first time. And now the whole Europe tour is over!? I just can’t believe it….
Tom: The four of us had so much fun on this tour. At our last concert our tourbus and our driver weren’t there anymore – now we have to part from all of that. That’s just sad!

Bravo: What will you miss most?
All: Everything!
Bill: The entire crew, eating together after the show, stepping in our tourbus, watching dvd’s, play a game and go to bet after that.
Tom: People think that when your together like that all the time you’ll get annoyed about each other, but that wasn’t the case with us at all. We got along so well the entire tour! It was super!

Bravo: And how did you experience the last concert in Köln?
Bill: It was a funny mixture of happiness and sadness. On one hand we got such a rush from the fans and the atmosphere was great, on the other hand you know I the back of your mind that this is the last concert and you should enjoy every second!
Tom: After the show we all thought: Weird – this was our last concert! It will become more clear to us in a few days…

Bravo: What are the best and worst memories about the tour?
Georg: We actually don’t have any bad memories. There were just to many good ones!
Bill: Yes, especially the kick off from the tour! Our first concert in Kempten – it was awesome!
Gustav: Paris was also sensational!
Tom: And the last concert in Köln – just great! The whole vibe was just great!

Bravo: Have you guys been good this tour – our have you broken some female hearts?
Tom: You don’t speak about something like that… (grins)!
Georg: Exactly!

Bravo: Your have thrown a little goodbye party….
Gustav: Yes, it was important to us that the whole tout team would be there to say thank you and also goodbye!

Bravo: Who are important for you to have there, so you can really party?
Bill: On the party were our team, our producers and off course a few friends and people that are important to us. The rest goes by itself….

Bravo: Do you even have time to throw parties? When was the last time you guys really danced?
Tom: God, how long has it been?! Really party we did at the Bravo Supershow – that was really cool. But besides that….? We don’t actually party when we are on tour. And none of us is that much of a dancer!

Bravo: What was the coolest party?
Bill: Definitely, our last birthday party! Tom and I got a surprise party – on a house-boat! All our family and friends were there!

Bravo: Do you drink alcohol then?
Bill: When there is something to celebrate we drink a glass too. After the last concert in Köln we also drank to the tour. But always stays one glass!

Bravo: Bow that your big tour has ended: how does it go on? What will you be doing in the next few weeks?
Tom: We first have 2 days off! But after that we go on Promo-tour through Europe: Holland, Italy, England, Spain – you will see us there!

Bravo: Don’t you have any kind of vacation? After this big stressful tour you have deserved it!
Bill: No, we don’t have any vacation (laughs)! Maybe at the end of the year…
Tom: We are all big fans of small desert islands – let’s see when we go there again…..

I can't stand baggy pants. Only in the tourbus we all wear big jogging pants. But you just feel completely naked - cause everything is hanging on you knee.

The other interview is about that US5 guy now looking like Bill with his hair, but he says he already has had it like this before even before tokio hotel was famous (Sure.................., if you'll ask me, it looks shit on him)
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MessageSujet: Re: [Scans DE 2007] Bravo n°22   Mer 23 Mai 2007 - 16:19

merci pour les scans!!!
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[Scans DE 2007] Bravo n°22
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