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 [Scans Portugal 2007] Super Pop #320

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Date d'inscription : 05/11/2006

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MessageSujet: [Scans Portugal 2007] Super Pop #320   Jeu 13 Déc 2007 - 9:47

Tokio Hotel
Everything abou the visit in Portugal
Yeeess! We were with them! We touch them, we give them kisses (only in the face, of course), we talk with them...
And we didn't recuperate of the emotion yet

A super, hiper, mega, giga performance!!!
They yes, are a Familia Superstar (=supertsar family = portuguese singing contest with families)!
He high point of this visit Tokio Hotel in Portugal were their performance in the show in SIC Familia Superstar! So, we started rigth for here! We knew that they jus would performe in the end of the first part of the show, but we arrived at the studios very time before the show begin! We were really excited! in the airport we could see them but not to much... But still well we arrived early... When we entered in the studios, who was on stage already making the sound test? Do you guesse? Isn't dificult, is it? Where them! The two inseparable brothers Bill and Tom, and the friends, Gustav and Georg! They yes, they form a superstar family and wouldn't be best band step the stage of that show!

The most waited moment...
Was 22h30 (10:30 pm) when Bárbara Guimarães announce what every fans in the country expected for a long time: Tokio Hoteeel! Live! The boys weren't in the stage and was the total histery in the studio! How much they, just look to the photos... they were totally happy! And Bill... were completly excited with the portuguese fans reception! They hand sung two musics "Monsoon" and "Ready, Set, Go!", but for they desire, they would give a concert! Was great!

Near them!
The interview!
Our redactor Clara visited the four boys in the hotel where they were and made to them a lot of questions, of course! They were very nice and answered to everything! Wait for the next numbers...

A super cool band
When we arrived to the hotel, monday evening, we found the four boys feeling great, recoupering of the running of the last day. We seat in the sofa with them, before the interview, we were talking about other things! They are so sweet!

They loved Superpop
We took some Superpop numbers to them know more the magazine and they liked so mucht the magazine that we wanted to take a photo with her! Do you guess what magazine they choosed? One that had them in the cover, of course! But don't think Tokio Hotel are convinced or had the craze that they are best that others... They are very lowly!

Gifts for you!
And after the interview, we just could think in our readers who hadn't the chance to be with them like us. So, we asked them to autographe two CD's just for you! They loved the idea and signed with love...

Images in the right
United Fans
Espectacular reception!
In the airport: our clocks marked 15h45 (3:45 pm).. and surged of the arrivings door with a lot of securitys! In the middle of them, were Tokio Hotel! Automaticaly, hundreds of fans who were waiting them in the airport started screaming, clap, take photos... Was the totaly folly! And Tokio smiled, he, he!

Great public!
The most lucky fans attain attend to Familia Superstar represented well the thousand fans that Tokio Hotel have in Portugal! So well that Bill confessed us that are extited to sing for the portuguese public, because he already saw that they are efusive and extrorverts! They love us! Yupii!

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[Scans Portugal 2007] Super Pop #320
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