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 [Scans DE 2007] Yeah 07

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MessageSujet: [Scans DE 2007] Yeah 07   Ven 26 Oct 2007 - 16:17

What do the boys from Tokio Hotel like? How is it going with there love-life? What flirt technics do the boys have? In Yeah! Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg reveal all there love- secrets...

Juhu! Tokio Hotel are back in Germany! The new single "An deiner Seite (Ich bin da)" is coming to the stores and on 4 November the finally play a concert again for there home fans in Essen. And some other good news: The boys are still single! But who really has a chance with this boys? In Yeah! the boys tell about there love-secrets!

Yeah! You have many female fans! What kind of flirt technics do you use?
Tom: When i really like a girl i try to make eye-contact. But in a way that she notices that i want something from her. Then i wait till she makes the first move. When she doesn't i will go and talk to her. It doesn't really matter to me!
Georg: I am more shy and rather have the girl making the first move!
Gustav: When you see the person more often, for instance at the bus stop, then you could greet her once in a while or say: "How are you? How was your day?" It hasn't worked out for me yet, but i still beleave in it (laughs)
Bill: I don't really have a technic. But i wouldn't go strutting after her. I would just offer her a drink.

Yeah! Do you also have an opening line?
Gustav: I don't use those! Something like: "Your father is a thief: He has stolen the stars from the sky and put them into your eyes!" that is just wrong!
Bill: Girls don't like that. Saying something from the heart is way better!

Yeah! Has something painfull ever happened when you where flirting?
Gustav: I once wrote a girl a letter - with my phone number on it - and i put it personally in her locker. At night my phone rang, it was her boyfriend....

Yeah! How many girlfriends have you hat?
Bill: I have had a long relationship from about one- and a half year. And some others that lastet a few weeks...
Gustav: I have hat two girlsfriends. With both i was just really shortly together.
Tom: I have had more real girlfriends. Most of them 2 to 3 months. And i have had a relationship that lastet two years...

Yeah! What went wrong?
Bill: The girl cheated on him!
Georg: And i found out. I have told him about it and he was really done with it!
Tom: Yes, and then we broke up. Cheating is just really stupid. I think it is insane that she didn't end the relationship before she went to that other guy. I rather had her calling me saying: "I'm sorry, there is someone else...!"
Bill: But i also think breaking up is something hard to do...

Yeah! How did you do that with your girlfriend?
Bill: We both agreed on it. e both didn't wanted anymore. I was making much music and didn't have time for a girlfriend anymore. Music is the priority at the moment and that is sometimes difficult for the girl...

Yeah! Now, you are all single?
Georg: Exactly!

Yeah! When did you get your first kiss?
Bill: When Tom and i where nine we kissed the same girl on the same day. First Tom and then me. Funny enough it wasi n a tent. We are both inside people and hate to be outside. We rather sit in front of the tv all day, and we hate camping to be honest! And just then was when it happened. It was really crazy...

Yeah! How was the kiss?
Tom: We both hated it. We haven't seen her again after that!
Gustav: I got my first kiss two years ago from my first girlfriend, it was really nice!
Georg: I already tried it in daycare in the kissing corner. But the real first kiss was when i was 10 years old.

Yeah! And your first time?
Bill: I won't answer that one...
Tom: I will. I was 13, and it was awefull! I just expected more of it. It was just alughable. But i am also not the romantic type anyway..

Yeah! What does a girl have to be like to interest you?
Gustav: The hair color doesn't matter.But i like it when a girl wears tanktops.
Tom; Me too! And high heels and short skirts. And i also like it when you can see a little of her bra!
Bill: I liek it when a part of her bikini shows under her shirt. Tom and i just like the same girls. We were often in love with the same one! But we don't fight about it: we let the girl make the choice and the loser has to accept it!

Yeah! And what don't you like about girls?
Tom: When they are to tall. We like girls that are shorter then us!
Bill: What i really don't like are those granny panties (laughs)!

Yeah! What are you looking at first with a girl?
Bill: At her hands! There is nothing worst then chewed of finger nails! I have had it too for a long time. But i stopped doing that after i started painting my nails.
Georg; I first look at her ass, then her face and then her breasts (laughs)!
Tom: I love beautiful eyes!
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MessageSujet: Re: [Scans DE 2007] Yeah 07   Ven 26 Oct 2007 - 16:23

p*tain c'est rare de voir Tom sourire comme ça.
J'aime le sourire de Bill sur la couverture.
Mais j'comprend rien du magasine ahaha.
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MessageSujet: Re: [Scans DE 2007] Yeah 07   Ven 26 Oct 2007 - 16:46

J te rassure moi non plu ! xD
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MessageSujet: Re: [Scans DE 2007] Yeah 07   Ven 26 Oct 2007 - 17:10

C'est vrai qu'ils ont l'air rayonnant ^^
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MessageSujet: Re: [Scans DE 2007] Yeah 07   

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[Scans DE 2007] Yeah 07
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