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 [Scans DE 2007] Yam! N°20 (Gustav)

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MessageSujet: [Scans DE 2007] Yam! N°20 (Gustav)   Mar 15 Juil 2014 - 12:37

1) What was your favorite class in school? Sports and economy.

2) SO embarrassing- I once spent money on... I'm usually thinking first before randomly spending money.

3) What was the last concert you've been to? PINK- together with the band.

4) Are you allergic? If yes, against what? Yes, i got a couple of allergies, I can't eat pork or fish for example.

5) When I was a child, my favorite plush animal was... I didn't have a favorite plush animal but I did have a cuddle-cushion.

6) Can you cook? If yes, what's your favorite dish to cook? Yeah, I actually can! Lasagna, noodles of all kind and souffles...

7) My favorite memory of my time with TH was... The tour with the boys.

Cool What's your favorite color? Red.

9) Until now, I never dared to tell other people that...? I'm usually really tired before concerts.

10) What have you always wanted to do but never dared so far? Bungee-jumping! The reason I couldn't do that so far is because of the lack of opportunities..

11) What was your dream-job when you were a kid? Fire-fighter!!

12) Who's your biggest idol? STILL Lars Ulrich, the drummer of Metallica.
note: Poor Gustav, I'd be annoyed if people were asking me the same bloody question for two years, too.

13) What's your favorite movie? "Payback" and "Duel- Enemy at the Gates".

14) Did you have any funny nicknames when you were a kid/teenager? Juschtel.

15) What's your biggest fashion-nono? None.
note: and he's actually right. good boy. :=):

16) What's your favorite food? My sister's yummy potato-gratin.

17) I couldn't live without... My mp3-player!

18) How does you mom greet you on family-reunions? "There he is, my little entertainer!"
note: Gustav's mom RULES AT LIFE!

19) What's your biggest weakness? I'm really bitchy sometimes ;0)

20) What's your favorite TH-song? I love playing "Schrei" live.
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[Scans DE 2007] Yam! N°20 (Gustav)
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