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 [scan DE 2007] Bravo #18

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Date d'inscription : 11/02/2010

Âge : 36
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MessageSujet: [scan DE 2007] Bravo #18   Mar 15 Juil 2014 - 12:19

A for All Areas Pass
With this pass you can move freely backstage. You can’t just buy something like this! Only the band, the management, crew-members and the Bravo get it. All other unfortunately have to stay outside.

B for Bühne (stage)
For the zimmer 483 tour stage they used 400m² aluminium metal and 350 meter of bar construction. The moving elements of the stage are driven by 18 high-tech motors and can change to the mood of the song. Everything is transported in 5 trucks!

C for Catering
Chef Jutta makes lots of healthy food so the boys stay healthy (and not sick like at the last tour). This time there is only fresh stuff, many salads – but also home made hamburger or schnitzel.

D for Duschen (showering)
During the tour there will be a room in an hotel available so the boys can shower – that is not possible in the tourbus.

E for Eintrittskarten (tickets)
No ticket, No show! Bravo has got the last tickets for you.

F for fans
Almost 250.00 fans are going to see the show from Tokio Hotel. Tom is looking forward to see the German fans: “They are the best at home”, he grins.

G for Garderobe
This space is just for the band, their management and the producers. All others stay out. This is where the boys prepare for their show.

H for Höhenflug (Flying in the air)
At the end of the show the stage is lifted up into the air and a rain of confetti starts!

I for Instruments
Tom plays on a guitar from “Gibson”, Georg plays on a “Sandberg” and Gustav drums are from “Tama”!

J for Joystick
In the bus the boys like to play video games, especially racing games.

K for Kicker
A table soccer game is taken along to every town, and also table tennis. On both Tokio Hotel and their crew members have many competitions. Absolute champion: Tom, or so he says himself.

L for Lampenfieber (stage fright)
Although they have already played more then 100 concerts, at this tour they get more nervous then ever before. There biggest fear: “Hopefully we don’t fall of this big stage”.

M for Microphone
For Bill an extra microphone was made. The special thing about it: It is totally black with a row of black stones on it.

N for Night
When the show is at an end Bill & co. leave in there tourbus. That’s where they sleep in there own beds. “When we are driving it is just wonderful sleeping – it’s like being rocked to sleep”, Tom laughs.

O for Oropax (earplugs)
Scream-warning. Because of the loud screaming at the concert earplugs are recommended. The fans can reach a sound up to 125 decibel.

P for Plakate (banners)
The fans keep coming up with more strange things to put on there banners every day. Slogans like “Fick mich übers ende der welt” are very normal……

Q for Quality time
That’s what the boys call then 1½ hour before there concert. It’s only the four of them and nobody will disturb them. In this time they prepare intensively for the show.

R for Roadies
40 Crew members are on the road with Tokio Hotel to build the stage.

S for Setlist
Here you can see which song is played when. That’s important to know not also for the band but also for the crew from light and sound.

T for Tourbus
Four nightliners are used to bring then Tokio Hotel crew from town to town. One of the busses is for the band, this is where they sleep. The bus has 200 movies on board. With a push on the button the can start there favourite movie – and they can watch it on a screen above there own bed.

U for Unplugged
On stage Bill and Tom play an acoustic version of there B-side song “In die nacht”

V for Vorgruppe (opening act)
The two Austrians from Luttenburger Klug are on tour with Tokio Hotel

W for Waffeleisen (waffle iron)
On the Tokio Hotel tourrider (the name of the demand list from a band) there is a waffle iron. Whit that Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg can make there own waffles when they want.

X for XXL suitcase
Because the four Magdeburgers have to take along so many things they have big suitcases. Those are shuffled into the tourbus.

Z for Zugabe (extra song)
When the crowd is working along the boys will play at least one extra song. And for there German fans maybe even more!
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[scan DE 2007] Bravo #18
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